Monday, March 2, 2009


I had a great moment at CESL, and i don`t know exactly what event to choose because i had a lot of them. Before i left my country, i was a little confused because i worried about my english speaking and the environnement in which i might be involved . The first day i arrived in CESL, i found everybody kind and ready to help me. In spite of the fact that i had enough difficulties in speaking, every body in CESL classes as well as in the office paid attention to my preoccupation. Moreover, teachers had enough strategies to explain some difficulties i met in class. Contrarily to my country where i have to do all by myself, teachers assisted me in my homeworks, told me what they expected to me. I also worried about my integration in the American culture. But i think that CESL helped me a lot in that way. Another event that i can`t forget is the day we went to visit the Arch of saint Louis. It was so great. All in all, every hour or minute i spent in CESL was great. And i hope i will have more because i still have several months in CESL.